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Fairfield Refrigerator Repair Man with Astre Valley Appliance Service Explains Door Gasket Maintenance

Proper maintenance of the rubber seals around the door is critical to optimum efficiency


Fairfield NJ – The Fairfield refrigerator repair man suggests ways to extend longevity and improve efficiency. Many people realize the importance of cleaning the condenser coils but there is another critical area to be aware of. The door gaskets, which are the rubber seals around the doors, are important for keeping the cold air inside.

According to the refrigerator repair technician with Astre Valley Appliance Service, the refrigerator is one of the most expensive appliances to own because it operates 24/7 to keep food fresh. If the door seal leaks the refrigerator will run more and use more electricity to maintain cold temperatures.

The Fairfield appliance repair man says that keeping the refrigerator door gaskets clean is the best way to keep them working efficiently. They can become sticky and when the gummy residue is allowed to remain on the gasket, it can make the refrigerator door harder to open. Tugging on the door causes the door seal to separate and lose its shape. The refrigerator repair man also warns about mold and mildew causing the gasket to become brittle and crack.

Some people believe bleach is the best product to use for cleaning the door gasket, but the refrigerator repair man with Astre Valley Appliance Repair ( says bleach can damage the gasket. A simple cleaning with mild soap and water is sufficient. Another suggestion is baking soda and water. Rub vinegar on the door and seal after cleaning.

Eventually, the door gasket may need to be replaced. The way to test is to place a piece of paper in the door jamb and close the refrigerator. If the paper pulls out easily, the gasket is worn and allowing warm air into the refrigerator. The refrigerator service technician with Astre Valley Appliance Repair can replace the gasket.

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